Manure Scraper

Gübre Sıyırıcı

Manure tanker

Gübre Tankeri

Manure Agitator

Gübre Karıştırıcı

Manure Separator

Gübre Seperatoru

Manure Pump

Gübre Pompası

Biogas equipment

biyogaz ekipmanları

Eko Denge Enerji Yatırımları ve Tarım Teknolojileri A.Ş.

Eko Denge Enerji Yatırımları Ve Tarım Teknolojileri A.Ş. is the member of Akal Group which is established in 1985.Our group which is growing in parallel to the development of industry in Turkey, especially in treatment and dewatering projects, in industrial automation and software services, in petrochemical, in mining and similar industries for subjects like special fluid transfer applications in industry production lines and special projects for rail systems in areas is giving service of design, manufacturing and contracting

Fertilizer management equipments